Position on the Issues

Position on the Issues:

I stand for…

  • Pro-life,
  • Pro-gun,
  • Pro-taxpayer,
  • Pro-local control and reduced regulations.

I do oppose…

  • I am opposed to refugee resettlement 
  • Common Core and will work to return control of education back to the local school districts
  • Tax increases and believes in cutting spending by focusing on efficiency in government

State Budget
Budget discipline:
The Wyoming state budget is out of control. One of the reasons for this is the structure of the budget process. The process starts with each agency submitting their standard budget. In order to do this, the previous biennium’s budget is used as the baseline with a percentage increase for inflation. We need to move to a zero based budgeting system where each agency is required to prioritize each of its functions at the start of the budget process. Then, legislators can target and prioritize spending reductions for the areas that have been identified as being less important.
In addition, the out of control Capital Square Project is emblematic of Wyoming’s wasteful spending. The Capital Square Oversight Board has issued millions of dollars of bid waivers, which have prevented contracts from being issued to low bidders.

Attorney General
Attorney General
Attorney General:
Wyoming is one of five states that has an attorney general appointed by the governor. There is an inherent conflict of interest in having the chief law enforcement office of the state serving at the pleasure of the Governor.
Moreover, the Attorney General decides whether Wyoming sues the federal government for unconstitutional, illegal rules like the “Clean Power Plan” and the “Waters of the United States Rule.” The person who makes that decision should be accountable to the people and right now that is not possible. For example, our current Attorney General decided not to challenge President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional DAPA executive memorandum.

Carbon Emissions
Carbon Emissions…Please note this white smoke you see is “steam”. This is and all power plants in the U.S. run “Clean Energy” These were clean energy plants before these emissions mandates.
Fighting unconstitutional, illegal Federal actions:
Wyoming needs to fight the federal government in its war on Wyoming’s way of life. Wyoming needs to be fighting these rules to the fullest extent possible. The so-called “Clean Power Plan” forces states to cut nationwide carbon emissions by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030. Under this rule, Wyoming would be forced to cut its emissions by 44% by 2030. This rule is designed to close our remaining coal-fired power plants and put the coal industry out of business. Wyoming needs to fight this illegal and unconstitutional rule to the fullest extent possible. It needs to take a similar attitude to other rules designed to destroy Wyoming’s industries like the Waters of the United States rule.

Religious Liberty
Religious Liberty

Religious liberty:

Religious liberty is under attack in Wyoming. In 2015, the Wyoming Senate passed a bill, SF115, that would change the public accommodation laws in Wyoming. With this law, bakers and florists would be required to provide their services to same-sex weddings. In addition, the law would have allowed transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their choice. I am opposed to these sorts of laws—the Left continues to impinge on the freedom of religion in our country.


Accountability in government:

Wyoming received an F and ranked 49th nationwide in the Center for Public Integrity’s yearly study of accountability in state governments. It is time to bring accountability to our state government by expanding public access and disclosure of conflicts.