Legislative Session – 2017

Right to Life

House Bill 182–ultrasound information has passed the legislature and is now House Enrolled Act 90. Now, we are awaiting the Governor’s action on the Enrolled Act. It has been wonderful being the lead sponsor on this bill and hopefully it is signed into law! Thank you to those who supported the bill through contacting the legislature–your voice made the difference! I want to thank Rep. Bob Brechtel and Rep. Tom Reeder—they both laid the groundwork for this bill during their time in the House! I also want to thank all the cosponsors of the bill!

January 21st — On Friday, I joined a group of fellow pro-life Republican legislators in beginning Precious Feet Fridays, a weekly show of support for the right to life of every unborn child. Each Friday, we will be wearing a pin identical in size and shape to the feet of a ten week old unborn baby. We took a group photo yesterday and will be working during the session to pass pro-life legislation.

Monday, January 30, 2017 is going to be a key day for the pro-life movement. Multiple pro-life bills will be heard that day in the Labor, Health, & Social Services committee. One is HB182, a bill I’m sponsoring. It’s a very simple bill–it simply requires doctors to tell a pregnant woman considering an abortion that she has the option to view an ultrasound. This is a good bill which provides the opportunity to consider important information.

Precious Feet Fridays

February 7th, 2017 — Below is the audio of the speech that Rep. Chuck Gray gave on the House floor today against an amendment to the education omnibus bill (HB236) that increased the sales tax. He made me so proud today! Sadly, the amendment and the bill passed and are now on their way to the senate. http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2017/Digest/HB0236.pdf Those of you who were able to vote for Chuck Gray for HD 57, you were well represented today.

Rep. Chuck Gray (HD57 -Natrona County) Speaks on the House Floor against an amendment that would put a sales tax increase back into the education omnibus bill. (Previous adopted amendments had removed the sales tax increase).

Draining the Swamp