I’m excited to be running for reelection in House District 57.

I’m running to continue to bring conservative, accountable representation to House District 57.  I want to continue to advance conservative legislation.

I’ve worked diligently to advance responsible, transparent government and to advance our economy in Wyoming. When I entered the legislature, the Attorney General had been refusing to protect our export rights guaranteed in the Constitution.  Radical leftists on the West Coast have been trying to block Wyoming’s coal and natural gas exports to great detriment to jobs and our economy. I responded to the lack of action by the Attorney General in protecting our export rights by introducing HB251.  This bill created a procedure for the legislature to pursue litigation against West Coast states when the Attorney General refuses to do so.  The bill passed the legislature and after over five years of the Attorney General stalling on this issue, action was finally taken in early 2020.

This common-sense leadership and long-term thinking is needed to advance our economy, especially with the challenges presented today.

I’ve followed through on my commitment to listen to the people of House District 57. That’s why I’ve held seven in person and virtual townhalls during the last two years, and I’m committed to continuing these townhalls.

I’m strongly opposed to the insider-driven tax increase agenda.   Out of touch politicians bringing these tax increases have refused to face the facts regarding waste in state government.

The current deficit is a product of the insider strategy of growing the General Fund spending unsustainably during boom periods.

An efficiency report prepared in 2018 identified over $250 million in spending reductions by making government more efficient.  That study has been largely ignored by insiders.

I’ve introduced a Constitutional amendment called the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights that will cap the growth in out of control government spending.  We also need to have full fiscal transparency.  Combining the $250 million in government spending reductions (from the efficiency report) with a cap on government spending is a strategy that will fix the deficit without harming essential government services.

But the insider strategy of growing government and refusing to save during boom periods needs to stop.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns, comments etc. at 251-1372.

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