I will be having townhalls at Pizza Ranch on Tuesday, October 17; Tuesday, November 14; and Tuesday, December 12 at 6 PM each night! I will be presenting briefly on some of the key issues our state faces and the upcoming budget session and will then have questions. I will make sure to get to everyone’s question. Please spread the word!
I’m really grateful to have been nominated for Red Alert Politics 30 under 30 list. They’re currently having an online vote where individuals can choose among the 50 finalists for 10 of those that make the final list. Please consider voting here: http://redalertpolitics.com/2017-30-30-list-finalists-read…/.

Principals of Liberty | 2017 Wyoming Scores – General Session  – At Principles of Liberty, our goal is to focus the conversation on, “What is the proper role of the state government, and what is the best way to execute that role?”

I’m thrilled to be the highest-rated member of the House on the Principles of Liberty annual legislative scorecard. Here’s a link to the scorecard: http://principlesofliberty.org/…/2017-wyoming-scores-gener…/.

I attended the Western Conservative Summit to be awarded the top Principles of Liberty Award in the House in Wyoming! I am really thrilled to be receiving the Principles of Liberty Award , as the top-rated legislator in the Wyoming House!

This photo is with Chelsea Spencer, Executive Director of Principles of Liberty.
House Bill 182–ultrasound information has passed the legislature and is now House Enrolled Act 90. Now, we are awaiting the Governor’s action on the Enrolled Act. It has been wonderful being the lead sponsor on this bill and hopefully it is signed into law! Thank you to those who supported the bill through contacting the legislature–your voice made the difference! I want to thank Rep. Bob Brechtel and Rep. Tom Reeder—they both laid the groundwork for this bill during their time in the House! I also want to thank all the cosponsors of the bill!
Representative Chuck Gray

January 21st — On Friday, I joined a group of fellow pro-life Republican legislators in beginning Precious Feet Fridays, a weekly show of support for the right to life of every unborn child. Each Friday, we will be wearing a pin identical in size and shape to the feet of a ten week old unborn baby. We took a group photo yesterday and will be working during the session to pass pro-life legislation.

Monday, January 30 is going to be a key day for the pro-life movement. Multiple pro-life bills will be heard that day in the Labor, Health, & Social Services committee. One is HB182, a bill I’m sponsoring. It’s a very simple bill–it simply requires doctors to tell a pregnant woman considering an abortion that she has the option to view an ultrasound. This is a good bill which provides the opportunity to consider important information.

February 7thHere is the audio of the speech that Rep. Chuck Gray gave on the House floor today against an amendment to the education omnibus bill (HB236) that increased the sales tax. He made me so proud today! Sadly, the amendment and the bill passed and are now on their way to the senate. http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2017/Digest/HB0236.pdf Those of you who were able to vote for Chuck Gray for HD 57, you were well represented today.

I believe House District 57 needs conservative, accountable leadership. During the mineral boom, Democrats and establishment Republicans teamed up to follow the lead of the old Washington’s out of control spending habits. Wyoming’s state spending nearly tripled. For example, Wyoming state government has been providing grants to some politically connected private businesses. They also have begun to abandon competitive bidding of contracts.

In the process, Wyoming’s state government squandered our state’s abundant mineral revenues. We’ve seen these same habits in our Casper City Council.

Each time conservative voices tried to point out the out-of-control spending, the establishment denied that there was a problem. Now, in 2016, the establishment is openly talking about property and sales tax increases as well as creating a state income tax.

The establishment does not want to acknowledge the real answer to their out of control spending. Tax increases are not the answer. Rather, state government needs to use the common-sense, conservative spending practices that Wyoming families and businesses follow to control state spending. One of the key solutions is to control our spending with zero-based budgeting. Zero-based budgeting would require agencies to start at zero with each of their biennial budget requests. Agencies would go line-by-line through their proposed budget and prioritize their spending.

I ran to push back on the federal government’s war on our way of life. The EPA’s newly issued rules requiring over a 30% reduction in nationwide emissions by 2030 is unconstitutional and also not allowed by the jurisdiction given to the EPA in federal statute. We need to fight these illegal rules.

I will be a voice to ensure that the legislature follows the law and is transparent. The lack of competitive bidding in the Capital Square Project, which is in violation of Article 3, Section 31 of our State Constitution, is emblematic of this lack of transparency.

I will point out when our legislature’s priorities are out of whack. One example is Wyoming state government’s refusal to hold a Presidential primary.

I will be a voice opposed to efforts to bring liberal values to Wyoming. For example, in 2013 SF115 passed the State Senate and was four votes away from passing the House. This bill would have made public restrooms open to both males and females. These efforts are wrong and out of step with Wyoming’s values.

I have been a conservative Republican my entire life and not just when it’s politically convenient. I hosted a radio show called the “Chuck Gray” show on KVOC AM 1230 and KMLD 94.5 FM to advance conservative, common-sense solutions in Wyoming. In 2013, I was a top ten finalist for the Coolidge Prize for Conservative Journalism.

I stand for
  • Pro-life,
  • Pro-gun,
  • Pro-taxpayer,
  • Pro-local control and reduced regulations.
I do oppose
  • I am opposed to refugee resettlement.
  • Common Core and will work to return control of education back to the local school districts.
  • Tax increases and believe in cutting spending by focusing on efficiency in government.

I am honored for the chance to represent House District 57 as a fresh, conservative voice in Cheyenne. I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns at 251-1372 or chuckgray@grayforhouse.com. I will work for you and I will to listen to your concerns.